Don’t judge Cuisine Actuelle by its pictures. The glamorous cookbook, written by Victor Gielisse, the chef at Dallas restaurant Actuelle (the Crescent, 500 Crescent Court), might well daunt the quotidian cook. But, in fact, most of its 150 recipes are as easy as pie. Rich, heavy sauces are conspicuous by their absence, and the preparations keep good health and nutrition in mind. (Available in bookstores; Taylor Publishing, $21.95.)

Certified master chef Victor Gielisse’s take on sautèed pork tenderloin dresses up the meat with a savory toasted-nut crust, while green-apple-and-tomatillo relish offers a tart variation on the classic applesauce accompaniment.

Try this recipe for Actuelle’s Three-Nut-Crusted Pork Tenderloin and Green Apple and Tomatillo Relish from Cuisine Actuelle, by Victor Gielisse.