Chef Oscar Mejia’s splashy tropical creations give a summer feel year-round to the menu at the Merchant Prince in Galveston. Located just off the soaring lobby of the beautifully restored 1879 Tremont House hotel (2300 Ship’s Mechanic Row), the intimate restaurant showcases Mejia’s idiosyncratic blend of Caribbean and Southwestern culinary trends. The arrival of mango season is the excuse for this particular dish, in which the sybaritic fruit is punched up with chipotle chiles and applied in liberal quantities to marinated swordfish steaks. To accompany the fish, Mejia tops fresh greens with a nineties update of classic poppyseed dressing, made with honey and olive oil to match the tart sweetness of the fresh fruit.

Try this recipe for Swordfish and Chipotle-Mango Sauce from the Merchant Prince, Galveston.