Recipe from Aunt Pearl’s Cookbook: A Man’s Cooking, by Joe Sears. Copyright 1991 by Pearl Productions.

Fans of Greater Tuna and A Tuna Christmas no longer need to wonder how Aunt Pearl, Bertha Bumiller, waitress Inita Goodwin, Petey Fisk, and the other residents of Tuna, Texas, keep their figures. Aunt Pearl’s Cookbook: A Man’s Cooking (Pearl Productions, $14.95), a new book by Tuna co-creator Joe Sears, will make you crave the kind of food you’ve been warned about. Aunt Pearl, who has been known to burst into Ethel Merman show tunes while preparing family meals, makes no apologies for the extra calories in her recipes. Nor is Tuna cooking short on cholesterol, as this uninhibited chicken recipe amply demonstrates. But who cares? This is cooking for a Sunday dinner—not for a diet.

Aunt Pearl writes: “Phoebe Berkhalter and her husband, Farley, are little people. Walking into their house, with all their little furniture that Farley makes out in his workshop, is like a bad carnival ride. The little TV on the little handmade TV stand makes you feel like you’re in Alice in Wonderland. I couldn’t sit in the little chairs they have, so Phoebe served me this dish out on the front porch, where I felt less dizzy. She makes a little of it for Farley every Friday night. Here is the recipe in Phoebe’s own words.”

Try this recipe for Phoebe’s Chicken Climax from Aunt Pearl’s Cookbook: A Man’s Cooking, by Joe Sears.