In Texas, October is the kindest month, bringing idle breezes and the promise of nippy mornings followed by glorious blue afternoons. In weather like this, you want to have friends over for Sunday brunch, but you don’t want to kill yourself cooking. That’s when you need recipes that get you in and out of the kitchen fast, such as these peerless chorizo quesadillas and spunky hashbrowns with chopped tomatoes and scallions, both from Kathleen’s Art Cafe in Dallas (4424 Lovers Lane). They go great with dark-as-sin coffee (stir it with a cinnamon stick for Mexican authenticity) and a basket of fragrant fresh-baked pan dulce from your friendly neighborhood panadería. Kathleen’s Art Cafe’s Quesadillas

Try this recipe for Quesadillas and Hashbrowns from Kathleen’s Art Cafe, Dallas