Sometimes cooking is like improv theater: It’s made up on the spot. At least that’s how Jaime Magaña of the Presidio (245 E. Commerce), a stylish and attractive new San Antonio River Walk restaurant, came up with this subtle and summery pasta plate. “The owners were tasting new dishes,” says the Belize-born chef. “I had wild mushrooms, bell peppers, and artichoke hearts in the kitchen, so I sautéed them together.” Then he tossed the vegetables with penne and “a bunch of mint” in a wonderful lemony garlic sauce. The owners loved it. Combined with a green salad garnished with Parmesan and croutons, the dish is guaranteed to revive heat-prostrated appetites.

Try this recipe for Penne al Forno and Mixed Greens from Jaime Magaña of the Presidio, San Antonio.