What do you get if you send a hamburger on a Pacific cruise? The answer is seared yellowfin tuna on a bun with wasabi mayonnaise and gingered two-cabbage slaw. The invention of San Antonio chef Mark Bliss, the classy nonburger is a hit at his hopping new restaurant, Silo Elevated Cuisine (1133 Austin Highway). To give the dish its Eastern orientation, Bliss marinates the tuna in a soy citrus sauce, spikes the mayonnaise with green fire (a.k.a. wasabi powder), and infuses the slaw with the heady flavors of cilantro and pickled ginger. The tasty results can help you ring in your preferred New Year’s Eve—American or Chinese.

Try this recipe for Tuna With Wasabi Mayo Ginger Slaw from chef Mark Bliss, Silo Elevated Cuisine, San Antonio.