One brother greets, the other cooks. Between them, Peter and Patrick Tarantino have created one of Dallas’ artier dining venues. At Tarantino’s (3611 Parry), chef Pat presides over a menu that does not shrink from extremes. “I introduce deliberate contradictions into my food,” he proclaims, “but my goal is to achieve balance.” And indeed he does, particularly in this spunky combination of pork medallions topped with morsels of melted goat cheese, all on grilled pineapple. The combination strikes a sweet, tropical note, which is underscored by a zippy reduction of molasses and balsamic vinegar. As promised, the pungent flavors meet, merge, and harmonize.

Try this recipe for Pork Medallions With Tangy Balsamic-Molasses Reduction from Chef Pat, Tarantino’s, Dallas.