This recipe is one of several featured in the July 1978 Dining In article Tots and Pans.

If you have more than one kid in the kitchen, steaming vegetables is a perfect job to be shared by a little one and a big one. Steaming prevent loss of water-soluble vitamins B and C and if done properly produces the most luscious looking, tasting, and smelling vegetables. Let the five-year-old peel the carrots with a potato peeler and then have the ten-year-old watch the clock so the vegetable isn’t overcooked.

Fresh carrots
1/2 stick butter
juice of 1 lemon

Peel and slice a bunch of fresh, raw carrots.

Melt 1/8 pound (1/2 stick) butter over low heat. Add juice of a lemon.

Put carrots in steamer basket and place in saucepan with enough water to come one-quarter inch below the bottom of the steamer. The carrots shouldn’t touch the water. Heat water to boiling over low heat. Place a tight lid on pan and steam five minutes. Serve immediately with lemon butter sauce.