Have you tried one of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos yet? Seems like everybody else has!

Taco Bell says that it has sold 100 million of the gimmicky innovative fast-food item—a ground beef taco with a hard shell fashioned from the same recipe as Nacho Cheese Flavored Doritos—since it launched March 6.

That’s right: 100 million tacos in ten weeks. As Bon Appetit‘s Sam Dean marvelled:

That’s 10 million per week, which, given that the United States has about 310 million people, means that if you were at any gathering of at least 31 people in the past two and a half months, there’s a one in seven chance that someone in that room had eaten a Taco Bell taco with a shell made of Doritos that day.

As Nancy Luna of the Orange County Register reported, it took McDonald’s eighteen years to sell 100 million burgers (back in very different times, of course). 

Luna’s story got the attention of the Bon Appetit, the Huffington Post and several other outlets this week, but it appears the news was actually broken by Mark Brandau of the trade publication Nation’s Restaurant News, who covered a speech that Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed gave to investors at the Morgan Stanley Restaurant and Retail Conference. 

And what Creed had to say was good news for Doritos and its Plano-based parent, Frito-Lay. Taco Bell had to hire an extra 15,000 staffers (spread across six thousand restaurants) to help keep up with demand, and there are plans to expand the manufacturing capacity for the Doritos-flavored shells.

“To be a better Taco Bell, the obvious solution was the Doritos Locos Tacos,” Creed said. “People love it, it’s driving frequency among our heavy users, and we’re selling it at a 30-cent premium. …we can drive it for years to come.”

Which also means it doesn’t stop with Nacho Cheese. As Brandau wrote:

The next version of Doritos Locos Tacos will be a Cool Ranch flavor to complement the Nacho Cheese item, which is now a permanent fixture on Taco Bell’s menu, Creed said. A Hot and Spicy version likely would come later next year, and the fact that Frito-Lay has more than 100 flavors of Doritos around the world speaks to the limitless potential of the product, he said.

We look forward to the Doritos Taco Flavor taco.