actualconchaCrazy Buns: Concha Burger
San Antonio’s Old Main Assoc. is by no means the only eatery in Texas to sell a concha burger, but it has definitely gotten a lot of mileage out of the trick. The bun is Mexican pan dulce with the traditional sugary topping in the pattern of a shell (concha). And, yes, it’s pink. 2512 N. Main Ave, 210-562-3440.

Crazy Add-Ons: Sweet & Lowdown Burger
One day Caroline Perini was working at her family’s steakhouse in Buffalo Gap. The next,


she and business partner Miley Holmes were running the Easy Slider food truck in Dallas, serving the Sweet & Lowdown (bacon, goat cheese, strawberry jam) as well as specials with salted caramel, cauliflower


steak, peanut butter, fried shrimp, and doughnut buns., 214-668-1910.

Crazy Meat: Tuscan Burger

Once a month at Rancho Pizzeria, in Coleman, chef Cliff Cartwright grinds up pepperoni, fennel sausage, and prosciutto di Parma. Then he mixes it with Akaushi beef to make the richest patties you’ve ever tasted. Cooked in the pizza oven, they are topped with oven-dried tomatoes and fontina cheese. This creation isn’t always available, so call ahead. 414 S. Commercial Ave, 325-726-9307.