Before the dog days of summer run their course in Texas—which is probably not any time soon—this month’s Texas wine pick is a perfect patio sipper designed to evoke sentimental memories of taking a dip in your favorite Texas swim spot. Whether it’s a spring-fed river, a lanquid lake, a quite strip of coastal beach, or simply your backyard pool, this refreshing white wine is a perfect way to bid a fond farewell to summer. 

The Wine:
Lewis Wines “Swim Spot” White Wine 2013

Who Likes It: 
Joelle Cousins, general manager of the Red Room Lounge, in Austin. A native Austinite, Cousins is a certified sommelier and certified specialist of wine who recently took top honors at TEXSOM as Texas’ best sommelier. With a degree in ecology from the University of Texas, she has developed a particular fascination with the science of wine in addition to the artistry and history that goes along with it. 

The Grapes:  
Blanc Du Bois and chenin blanc.

The wine is made from 100 percent Texas grapes out of the Blanc Du Bois variety with just a touch of chenin blanc. Blanc Du Bois is an interesting hybrid variety finding a lot of success in its Texas plantings. Resistant to issues encountered with humid climates, it makes crisp, light, and refreshing whites.

Why She Likes It:
Local wine should be something that the locals drink, and this wine perfectly suits our environment in the Texas Hill Country. Swim Spot is made in a Vinho Verde style with a little bit of effervescence that will just take the edge off of a scorching hot Texas day. It is low in alcohol and light in body with yellow peach, apple blossoms, and a clean citrus finish that will really quench your thirst.

Suggested Pairings:
Perfect for the patio, enjoy this wine with something light like shrimp remoulade and a tangy herb vinaigrette on a mixed green salad.

On Down the Road:
“I think that Texas wine ries are hitting their stride with some creative grape variety plantings and experimentation with different styles of wine,”  Cousins said. “The industry continues to develop before our eyes, getting better and better and it’s a lot of fun to watch it evolve. Ultimately there should be a place in the US and international markets for wine that has a sense of place and terroir and I think we will continue to gain interest from communities near and far.”

Notes from the Winemaker:
Doug Lewis and Duncan McNabb, Lewis Wines

“Swim Spot is only ten percent alcohol with nice acidity and a little effervescence, made in the style of a Vinho Verde from Portugal. We love these wines so much that we decided to try and make our own. We used primarily Blanc Du Bois grown in East Texas near Longview.  

“Blanc Du Bois is a great variety for Texas. Almost all of the wine chemistry from various sites in Texas are uniform with great acidity and pH. It has trouble building sugars, mainly due to humidity, but it offers beautiful aroma and structure. 

“We blended a little chenin blanc in to bump the alcohol up to ten percent and give the wine a little more fruit and body. Vinho Verde as a style is very affordable, drinkable, and refreshing, which are perfect for our nine-month summers in Texas. And you don’t have to serve it a formal wine glass. It’s even good poured over ice with a slice of lemon or lime. It’s been such a hit that we’re already starting to make more. I’m also seriously considering canning some, you know for floating Texas rivers.”


At Lewis Wines winery as well as other Hill Country and Austin locations including Hye Market, East End Wines, Whip In, Salt + Time, Dai Due, House Wine, Jester King, and Otto’s in Fredericksburg.