Cooking like a Texan requires its own special gear, whether it’s a woodpile for the smoker, a skillet your granny used, or a well-worn wooden spoon (maybe even the one your momma spanked your hiney with as a kid).

Tortilla Press
One simple push = one fresh corn tortilla!

Lime Squeezer
For that citrus splash in your guac, pico, or marg.

Chile Pepper Lights
Add some spice to your next tamalada.

Clay Pot
Beans just plain look good in this.

Oil-Drum Smoker
Your pit awaits.

To keep your fire wild.

Guy Clark’s Texas Cookin’
Lyrics to feed your soul: “We gonna get a big ol’ sausage / A big ol’ plate of ranch-style beans / I could eat the heart of Texas / We gonna need some brand-new jeans.”

Cast-Iron Skillet
Do your best to inherit one. There’s never been a finer heirloom.

Twelve-gauge Shotgun
Shoot it. Eat it.

Splatter Guard
God bless Texas cooking.

Dinner Bell
Lonesome Dove
cook Bolivar clanged his with a crowbar for a good five minutes.

Marg Glass
Nothing like tequila, triple sec, lime, and salt to inspire you in the kitchen.

The Drawer Arsenal
That funky-looking one? It’s a mango fork.

Little Buckaroo Dishes
Eat up, cowboy.

Dutch Oven
Our state cooking vessel as of 2005.

Talavera Platter
Could crockery be any more festive?

For all your crushing, grinding needs.

Cornbread Mold
Corn as bread, bread as corn. Get it?