The city that made specialty grocers cool in Texas has not been forgotten after all: Trader Joe has confirmed that it will open a store in Austin next year. And, late last month, Houston learned that two more are coming there, in addition to the previously announced Woodlands store. That brings the state’s count up to eight, leaving us in suspense about the two final locations in the company’s proposed “initial 10-store rollout.”

Eater Austin spoke for many Austinites in a tweet Wednesday morning:

Austin-based blogger Hipstercrite was overjoyed, penning a post titled “Top Ten Reasons I’m Excited Trader Joe’s is Coming to Austin.” Her reasons included the ability to “stop feeling culturally inferior to all my friends in NYC, Boston, Chicago and LA,” access to “THE MOST AMAZING GOURMET FREEZER FOOD ON THE PLANET,” and the chance to finally try “this gift from God:” Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter—“A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits.”

Others, like @AustinBloggy, however seemed to think the new store would be overkill:

He may be onto something here—the new location will sit a mere half mile from Whole Foods headquarters and the chain’s 80,000 square-foot flagship store.

Here are the three newly-revealed spots where you can soon satisfy your Two-Buck Chuck cravings:

211 Seaholm Drive, 11,500-square foot store as part of a mixed-use development at the former Seaholm Power Plant.
Opening: 2013

1440 S. Voss Road, 14,000-square foot store in an empty lot that sits across the street from a Randall’s.
Opening: 2012

2922 S. Shepherd Drive, 14,500-square foot store in the Alabama Theater, former 25-year home of the Alabama Bookstop bookstore.
Opening: 2012