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10 Texas Trivia Facts Just In Time For Texas Independence Day

No. 1 Homerun

Wikimedia Commons

April 9, 1965: The Yankees and the Astros inaugurated the Astrodome in Houston. It was the first multipurpose sports facility, and it even had air-conditioning!

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  • Jeff D Marquis

    I went to high school with the daughter of The Astros pitcher who threw the first pitch in The Astrodome. Her name was Mary, and her dad was Bob Bruce. The pitch was a ball.

  • Prescott

    I will always regret that I never got to see a game in the ‘Dome. As a kid in 1967, I started following them. With that team, Jim Wynn, Rusty Staub, Eddie Mathews (for real!), Bob Aspromonte, Sonny Jackson, and Joe Morgan, I was sure the team would make it all the way to the World Series. In my mind, they were the champs. I became a die-hard fan, and looked forward to the day I would finally get to a game in there. Drove by the Dome once. Never made it.