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12 Things to Do in Bryan-College Station

No. 10 Stain Your Favorite Shirt

Come on. You’ve all done it. And if you haven’t yet, then you haven’t had the real Texas experience yet. 


Of course we’re talking about getting bar-b-que sauce all over your face, and consequently, your shirt. And Bryan-College Station has some of the best Texas style bbq you’ll stuff in your mouth. From Fargo’s (featured as one of the 50 Best in the state by Texas Monthly) to Lew’s to C&J’s to J Cody’s to Church Street to Martin’s, it seems like there’s a place that serves bbq on just about every corner. And they’re all delicious! So load up some wet naps in your pockets and come on an empty stomach – because the “meat sleeps” are a regular occurrence in Bryan-College Station.

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