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15 Great Tacos in Houston

El Jalapeño #3


This spiffy taco truck on Edgebrook Drive—with its jalapeño pepper mascot standing on a cactus and wearing a sombrero and cowboy boots—is hard to miss. Tacos here are a steal at $1.00 each. All, that is, except the tripa (beef tripe) tacos, which go for $1.50, a $0.50 splurge that is definitely worth it. The chopped and diced meat is cooked until tender, before getting crisped up on a flat top. Order them on a corn tortilla, and sprinkle liberally with cilantro and onions. Also try the sandwich-like sincronizada tacos, featuring two flour tortillas stuffed with salty slices of ham, melted Oaxaca cheese, and shreds of crunchy green onion.
1002 Edgebrook Dr, 281-831-5681. Call for hours.

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