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14 Great Tacos in San Antonio

Ray’s Drive Inn


Photograph by Nicki Longoria

Many have tried their hand at making puffy tacos, but few if any do them better than Ray’s Drive Inn, which has a 60-year legacy to prove it. You must get in the spirit of this Westside institution, with oldies on the sound system and religious prints hanging on just about every surface. Now operated by Ray’s son Arturo Lopez, the shop’s puffy tacos have remained as great as ever. The exterior of the signature air-puffed taco is soft and crisp, yet still powerful enough to hold the taco fillings without collapsing into a soggy mess. The old-school filling of picadillo (seasoned ground beef) with diced tomatoes and shredded lettuce is still enticing, but we actually prefer Ray’s fine and smooth house guacamole lets the flavor of the tortilla shine through and it keeps the whole thing from exploding when you take that first bite. Plus, it’ll leave you feeling less stuffed than a meat-filled taco, so there’s room for two.
822 SW 19th St. (210-432-7171), Open daily 10 a.m.-11:15 p.m.

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