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14 Great Tacos in San Antonio

Taquitos West Ave.


Photograph by Josh Huskin

Parking at Taquitos is as frustrating as playing a game of Tetris, but the payoff is worth it for tacos made to order in an expansive outdoor kitchen. Though the popular taco de trompo, filled with heaps of bright orange porksliced from a vertical rotisserie of the same name, is available only Thursday through Sunday, there are two other stars of the show. The über tender lengua (beef tongue) is delicately peppered, while the rich, salty suadero, a part of the cow found between the belly and hind leg, is thinly sliced, as is customary. Served open-faced with hefty additions of diced raw onion and cilantro, these tacos are especially good if you ask for them “con todo,” for a customizable bite of radish and grilled onion, with lime wedges for squeezing. Luckily, the tortillas are sturdy enough to hold these not-so-tidy bundles of goodness without falling to pieces.
2818 West Ave., (210-525-9888), open daily 10 a.m.-3 a.m.

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