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16 Great Tacos in Austin

Fork & Taco

Pork shoulder

Photograph by Leslie Baldwin

At this stylish new counter-order taco place, open since September 2014, recipes come from the fevered brain of chef-partner and Uchi veteran Casey Fannin. The fundamentals are Mexican (especially the terrific house-made corn and flour tortillas), but the fillings are international, like the excellent pork shoulder with sriracha mayo and pickled cucumber (with ingredients that parallel what you find in Mexico). But you will also be happy if you embrace the unexpected, like roasted beets with grapefruit; yes, you might want that fork after all. There are no separate salsas, so ingredients stand or fall on their own. Mostly, they stand, like jerk chicken and tender, nonfatty green-chile pork, almost like a carne guisada. Same with the seared cauliflower florettes with Mexican corn and avocado. If seasoning is timid, ask for a lime wedge. Dessert is soft-serve ice cream, with avant-garde soy-maple and a fabulous dulce de leche. P.S. There’s parking in back.

4801 Burnet Rd. (512-838-6768).  Open Tue–Sun 11–9.

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