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16 Great Tacos in Austin

La Flor

Pollo (Chicken Fajita)

Photograh by Callie Richmond

You could live next door to La Flor and likely never notice it. The tiny trailer sits in the corner of a nondescript Stop-N-Shop that has seen better days. But the unassuming exterior masks something heavenly: affordable, filling tacos served on freshly made corn tortillas. The meats are the focus—nopales and onions are as close as you’ll get to proper vegetables here—and rightfully so. Each protein-based variety we tasted impressed, but the simple pollo taco stood out. While an ordinary chicken fajita doesn’t exactly shout “order me,” pass over it at your own peril. The taco is a study in flat-top griddle mastery. La Flor warms the corn tortilla before topping it with crispy chicken that’s been charred on the flat-top, chunky white grill-kissed onions, and a bit of cilantro. The pollo somehow holds the grill char flavor without seeming dry—a simple yet impressive feat. The salsa here is fresh, with a base of jalapeños and garlic, but rather superfluous given the flavor of the other ingredients. Note that the flour tortillas aren’t homemade, so choose corn. If you prefer red meat, we found the desebrada—shredded beef—to be a noble runner-up.

4901 S. 1st (512-417-4214). Open Mon–Sat 6 a.m.–3 p.m.


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