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16 Great Tacos in Austin

Mellizoz Tacos

Fried Avocado

Callie Richmond

Mellizoz established its roots on trailer-saturated South First roughly six years ago, making its mark as a decidedly Americanized and “chef-y” taco spot. The dozen or so offerings range from slight twists on classics (breakfast tacos accented with cotija or spinach) to the blissfully familiar (a solid carne guisada). But Mellizoz pulls a neat sleight of hand with its fried avocado taco. The warm, crusty batter encasing the plentiful avocado slices has a palate-pleasing funnel cake–like texture, but the fresh, peppery arugula and diced tomato fool your brain into believing you’re eating healthy (you’re not). A chipotle-sherry vinaigrette adds both mild sweetness and acidity, while a finely ground sprinkle of fresh cotija brings some salty, earthy balance in to finish. The flour tortillas, while not homemade, were grilled until crispy, the ideal tensile strength to make them easy to fold without losing the generous taco portions to your serving basket. The staff here also got extra points on our visit for staying cool under pressure: when a busload of teenagers from Mexico turned up on a field trip, the trailer’s team kept orders flowing while peppering the kids with Spanish-language questions about their Texas adventures.

1502 S. 1st (512-916-4996). Open MonWed 7:30 a.m.3:30 p.m., Thu & Fri 7:30 a.m.10 p.m., Sat 9 a.m.10 p.m., Sun 9 a.m.9 p.m.

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