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6 Reasons Why the Addison Oktoberfest is America’s Most Authentic Oktoberfest Celebration

No. 3 Authentic Bavarian Fare


The bier is not the only star at Munich’s Oktoberfest. In fact, the festival offers plenty of flavorful Bavarian fare for those looking for a hearty meal or for a treat to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Bavarian pretzels and sausages like bratwurst and currywurst are the most popular options at the festival. Meats like roasted ox, pork, and chicken are also a favorite for those looking for a more robust meal. In fact, nearly half a million rotisserie chickens were consumed at last year’s festival! Add sauerkraut or German potato salad on the side for a truly authentic Oktoberfest meal!


For dessert, try an apple strudel or a dampfnudle – a steamed noodle filled with cherries and covered in vanilla sauce.


The Addison Oktoberfest recreates the German culinary experience inside the Schloss Addison tent with Chamberlain’s Brau Haus, an authentic Bavarian restaurant with a menu prepared by renowned chef, Richard Chamberlain. As an added bonus, each plate pairs perfectly with Paulaner’s Oktoberfest Märzen or the Oktoberfest Wiesn!

Learn how to cook Paulaner Beer Braised Pork from Chef Chamberlain himself!

For the recipe, click here.

For reservations and tickets to Chamberlain’s Brau Haus, click here.

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