Every year, the official kickoff to the Munich Oktoberfest is the procession of tent workers and the Munich breweries. The tent operators, along with their families and guests, wave to the spectators from their beautifully decorated horse drawn carriages carrying ceremonial kegs, just as they’ve done for more than 200 years.

No beer can be poured until Saturday at 12 noon when the Mayor of Munich taps the ceremonial keg – by hammering a brass tap into a wooden barrel and yelling O’zapft is” (“It’s tapped!”), signifying the start of Oktoberfest. The first mayor to tap the ceremonial barrel for the opening of Oktoberfest was Thomas Wimmer in 1950. 

Addison Mayer, Todd Meier continues this same tradition each year to kick off the annual Addison Oktoberfest. He leads the procession through Addison Circle Park into the Beirgarten.  Mayor Meier hammers the faucet into Paulaner’s Ceremonial Keg and yells out O’zapft is!and the Addison Oktoberfest can officially begin!

Having the honor of tapping the keg each year at Addison Oktoberfest is one of the highlights of being the Mayor of Addison.  It’s a special touch of authenticity that I share with my counterpart in Munich, and an important part of what makes Addison Oktoberfest feel so much like the original Oktoberfest celebration.  Each year, our entire community steps up to volunteer at this event, and working alongside these amazing folks makes me appreciate what a big part of Addison our Oktoberfest has become.” Mayor Todd Meier

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