Music is one of the great traditions at the Munich Oktoberfest, dating back to the early 1800’s.  Local brass bands would play traditional Bavarian songs as well as popular drinking songs as the crowds raised their stein and sang along in celebration.

While the traditional German songs can be heard throughout all the Oktoberfest tents today, don’t be surprised if you hear a familiar American tune from Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen or the White Stripes between Ein Prosit and Kükentanz (Or as it’s known in the US, The Chicken Dance).

The entertainment at the Addison Oktoberfest is compiled of some of the best traditional German and Polka bands from across Texas and the US.  These professional musicians keep the crowd dancing and prosting their steins of Paulaner beers with a mix of classic Bavarian songs and popular American pop songs with an Oompa twist!

Be an Oktoberfest expert and impress all your friends by learning the words to Ein Prosit, a staple at any Oktoberfest celebration!

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit.



Translated to English –

A toast, a toast

To cheer and good times

A toast, a toast

To cheer and good times.



Be sure to check out Auf Geht’s Musik, Paulaner’s Official Oktoberfest Band who will be performing daily at the Addison Oktoberfest!

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