Few people actually know just how much effort takes place behind the scenes in order to organize the Munich Oktoberfest.  The tents are actually temporary structures that must be built and disassembled each year.  Paulaner’s largest tent, the Paulaner Festzelt begins to take form in mid-July, when 58 tractor trailer trucks arrive at the site of the Munich Oktoberfest to begin construction of the tent, including the iconic bright yellow tower with oversized beer mug that rises above the festival.

See the time lapse video of how the Paulaner Festzelt is put together:

For the Addison Oktoberfest, Paulaner doesn’t quite have 58 trucks to unload, but they do have one truck filled with authentic Bavarian décor, the same wooden benches and tables found inside the Paulaner Festzelt to create an authentic Oktoberfest experience for all attendees.

Once the Biergarten is set up, the truck gets reloaded with Paulaner’s delicious beers, including the Original Oktoberfest Märzen and Authentic Oktoberfest Wiesn.  Prost!

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