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A Texas Tailgating Menu

Food-tested, football-fan-approved. 


AP Photo/Ralph Lauer

On any given weekend between August and December, nearly every football stadium in Texas fills with fans who convert the drab concrete parking lots into a raucous watch party. Mill around and you’ll see setups ranging from the simple (a few friends sitting on a tailgate with a cooler of beer while tuning in to the game on an antenna radio) to the elaborate (lounging in leather La-Z-Boys watching a rigged-up fifty-inch plasma screen). No matter which way you roll, no celebration is complete without a few easy-to-make, portable, and affordable snacks to share. Here are 10 food-tested and football-fan- approved recipes:

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  1. German Potato SaladMeat would be so lonely without it.
  2. Fried ChickenMake it like they used to.
  3. Hugo’s Salsa MexicanaChunky roasted-tomato-and-pepper-salsa.
  4. Chile con QuesoLet us now praise the large bowl of cheese, so simple and yet so satisfying.
  5. MicheladaThe devil’s in the details.
  6. Frito PieCheap, hearty, and eternally beloved. 
  7. Pecan PralinesWe don’t cotton to the chewy kind.
  8. Mexican MartiniNeither Mexican nor martini. 
  9. ChiliThe standard bowl of red. 
  10. Smoked BrisketAaron Franklin on how to smoke the perfect brisket. 

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