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A Texas Tailgating Menu

Frito Pie

Cheap, hearty, and eternally beloved. 

Photograph by Jody Horton

Serves 1

1 two-ounce bag of original Fritos
Pot of chili, homemade or canned (I am loath to endorse any sort of canned meat product, but Texans swear by Wolf Brand.)
Grated cheddar cheese

Diced white onion

Take a knife or some scissors and split the bag down the front. Ladle in a scoop of chili. Top with a mound of cheese and a heap of onion. Festoon your creation to your heart’s content (sour cream, jalapeños, avocado, and so on), though expect to be chastised by purists.

Eat it straight out of the bag, preferably atop a thick pile of paper napkins.

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