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A Food Tour of Southeastern Oklahoma

No. 5 HUGO


Angie’s Circus City Diner

1312 E. Jackson St.

If ever you find yourself in Hugo, channel your inner child and head to Angie’s Circus City Diner for festive fare with a dose of history. Angie’s is a must when visiting Circus City (Hugo’s kitschy alter ego), and the sleepy town comes alive inside Angie’s place, where circus collectibles and memorabilia of the big top stretches from wall to wall.

What you’re getting:

The carefully curated environment is as delightful as all get out, but we know what you’re after. For a true taste of southern comfort food, waste no time before ordering the fried green tomatoes. If Angie’s had a signature dish, it’d be these; One bite and you’ll see why.

Pro tip:

…Just don’t eat too many. Gotta save room for the meringue pie.

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