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Handshakes to make in Bandera, Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World

No. 2 Bandera Cattle Company

Any day but Saturday this motley crew of folks look just like you and me. Some are retired, some are working, and all have or have had careers as varied as you’ll find anywhere. And yes, that includes being real cowboys.  However, on Saturdays these folks aren’t just playing dress up in 1800’s attire to entertain visitors in Bandera. They proudly wear period correct attire and carry rifles and pistols of the era for a purpose. Their purpose is to keep the old west alive and to educate people on how things were. In fact they have received awards from the National Re-enactment Guild of America. 

Each Saturday you’ll find members of the Bandera Cattle Company roaming the streets of Bandera.  You may catch members in the O.S.T., Bandera General Store; Busbee’s or even the China Bowl. At Noon and 2:00 pm they come together to perform a “shoot-out” to entertain folks, but not before stressing gun safety and caution around any firearms. At the end of their show you’ll see kids flock to them to get deputized, badge and all, after promising to obey their elders, etc.  As an added reward the new deputies also get a coupon from the Bandera General Store for ice cream and a coupon for a cookie at Country Sweets Bakery.  Stick around after the show, get to know these folks.  They’ll happily explain bygone days and make you feel as if you were transported back in time

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