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Handshakes to make in Bandera, Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World

No. 6 Bryan Hutzler

There is nothing more American than apple pie and apple pie aficionados in Texas and around the world know that Love Creek Orchard’s pies, served up with apple ice cream and apple cider sauce at their Apple Store in Medina, Texas are award winning. Back in 1980 Baxter and Carol Adams started the apple orchards and apple store in Medina. When they decided to retire, Bryan and his wife Stacy decided to step in and fill their shoes. They didn’t want to raise their family in the big city.  As Bryan has said, we want our kids to learn all aspects of working hard to produce something useful.  To that end, He is teaching the kids to grow grape cuttings so that the orchard can have pick-your-own Victoria Red and Spanish Black grapes in the future.  Bryan graduated from Texas A&M with an engineering degree and worked successfully as an engineer. Little did he know then that “agriculture” would become his passion. If you can catch Bryan at the store or in the fall at the Great Hill Country Pumpkin Patch he’ll be happy to teach you about the good and bad bugs, grafting, soil conditions, and the myriad of other things concerning stewardship of the land.

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