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Handshakes to make in Bandera, Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World

No. 5 Reaching out to You

In today’s vernacular, reaching out to someone means sending them a text, an email or posting on social media. In Bandera it means something different. Larry Cortez of Rancho Cortez and Clay Conoly of the Dixie Dude Ranch are representative of Bandera’s many hosts who exhibit the Cowboy Capital of the World interpretation of ‘reaching out to you’. They know, as all other Bandera hosts know, that it means having a two-way, active conversation. Individual accommodations and offerings may differ but the hosts of Bandera’s abundant types of accommodation all share the same goal:  to provide their guests a taste of Bandera’s cowboy culture. In the big city it’s possible to check in and check out of a hotel without ever talking to a person. Not so in Bandera. At check-in you can expect a warm greeting with a handshake or may just find a personal note left by your host. In a very short period of time you will feel right at home sharing a cup of coffee or a meal, riding the trails, enjoying a campfire and s’mores, and swapping stories with your host and fellow guests. Friendships and bonds are formed and often strengthened by annual visits. They are a time for hosts and guests to share life changing moments, children’s milestones and take “selfies”. 

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