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Land That We Love

Lance Armstrong

Favorite place: Redbud Trail, in Austin.

When I first moved to Austin, in the late eighties, I would take these long, 120-mile training rides out west around Lake Travis, to Marble Falls and back. Coming into town on Redbud Trail, just past the intersection at Westlake Drive, I’d go up this little rise—the last hill of the day—and then I’d crest, and all of a sudden, this perfect view of downtown would emerge. Right in the middle, centered exactly, was the Capitol. That always told me, “You’re home now, welcome back.” The skyline has since changed—there was no Austonian, no W Hotel—and back then Austin wasn’t as crowded and the riding was safer. I don’t do 120-mile rides anymore, but I still ride into Austin from the west, still crest that hill, and still think, “I’m home now.”

Armstrong is a former professional cyclist. He lives in Austin.


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  • Wayne

    Things like this is why riding is so great, even though the city’s changed those memories last forever.

  • Wow, looks amazing. And familiar! I can see why Austin is Adelaide’s sister city!

  • Harrell

    And you don’t need PED’s to get that feeling.

    • dp


      • dp

        wtf have you done?

        • Hmmmm….

          Not cheated nor used PEDs.

        • Harrell

          Ridden my bicycle and enjoyed scenic views without ped’s nor tried to destroy people for being honest. Admittedly everyone in that era cheated but lying and then actively trying to destroy people that told the truth… scummy.

    • Simon Grech

      Go and f/yourself! He did mistakes that he overpaid for!

  • John McConnico

    I photographed Lance on one of those rides. Around 1991 I think. Way before his rise to fame. At one point he caught up to an old farmer wearing a straw hat on a bike from the 50’s and he rode alongside for a while, chatting like it was a Sunday afternoon. They made a big climb together, then Lance glided down into Austin.

  • Judas Iscariot

    Most people don’t like growth, but still have 4+ kids.

  • Ferblungen

    ‘Armstrong is a former professional cyclist’ Understatement.

    • Jano Szabo

      Former rolling billboard for the crap du jour – unlike the rest of them.

  • Somebody needs to put this dog down…. Texas is a sorry state if this is the best Texan you can find for your covers.

    • Facebook User

      I am a Texan and feel much as you do. I don’t fault his add much for the cheating as I do the lying and going after friends and trying to crush their lives for telling the truth.