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Land That We Love

Lyle Lovett

Favorite place: St. Paul  Lutheran Church, in Serbin.

have so many favorite places, but I’m picking St. Paul Lutheran Church, in Serbin, because besides being an authentically historic place to visit, it symbolizes how so many Texas communities came into being. St. Paul isn’t my home church, but its origins are much like those of the one I grew up in—Trinity Lutheran Church, in Klein, which was founded in the mid-1800’s by German immigrants seeking religious freedom and economic opportunity. My great-great-grandfather Adam Klein was a founding member of Trinity, but sadly the original building is long gone. 

St. Paul’s building, however, not only survives but still holds services every Sunday, and when you visit it, you step back in time. 

I have a family connection to St. Paul too. My maternal grandmother’s father, my great-grandfather Herman Schroeder, was the schoolteacher and minister of music at St. Paul after he retired from thirty years of service at St. John, in Lincoln. Great-grandpa Schroeder is the only person I know of whom I’m related to who was a musician.

Lovett is a singer, songwriter, and actor who has released thirteen albums. He lives in the Houston area.

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  • Kathy

    Lyle…my grandmother was a Schroeder and I am a Wend of Texas… I have been in this church more than once. I am very proud of my Texas roots, even if I no longer live in the Great State of Texas!

  • Becky Rubke

    My great-grandmother was a Patschke and I am a Wend of Texas also. I have been in the church several times as a child. I am also proud of my Texas/Wendish roots. I haven’t lived in Texas since 1955. Wish I could come back. I like finding out about the places that my ancestor’s called home. My mother was born in Priddy, Texas. I was born in Austin. My favorite color is Wendish Blue. That is the most beautiful church in the world in my notion.

    Thank you, Lyle Lovett for bringing St. Paul’s into the news. Now all I need is a picture of the same quality of the pulpit end of the church.

    • kpatt

      My dad is from Priddy. His last name was Spieker and his mom’s maiden name was Marwitz.

      • Becky Rubke

        How long ago did your did live in Priddy? Did he stay there for his whole life? I just asked my mom and they only lived there for about five years. They didn’t go to the church in Priddy. They attended the Lutheran church in Pottsville. She is 91 and her maiden name was Schneider. She was born in 1923. She doesn’t recognize the names of your father and grandmother. Being only five when they moved explains why she doesn’t remember those names. Thanks for sharing.

    • cm47

      Becky, there are some beautiful pictures and videos on their webpage, http://www.stpaulserbin.org.

      • Becky Rubke

        I am looking up the pictures on their website. Thanks for sharing. I will be looking at all the pictures on the website.

  • Bleakhouse

    My mother’s home. Love Lyle Lovett always.

    • Tom Jones

      You gotta Lovett.

  • Becky Rubke

    I am very proud of my Wendish heritage. I haven’t lived in Texas since I was about 5 years old. I have lived all over the country and didn’t learn about our rich heritage until was in my 20’s. The Wends were not really talked a lot about in my mother’s family or at least she doesn’t remember that it was a big deal. I wish I could read Wendish because I would like to be able to read my Wendish Bible.

  • Aaron Kalbas

    Baptized, confirmed, and married there… In Houston now… but Lee county and Serbin will always be home to me.

  • ilyas252

    Look at all of my followers.