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Telling Fortunes

No. 3: Richard Kinder

Age: 68Home: HoustonNet Worth: $10.2 billion

Out of the ashes of Enron came Rich Kinder, a.k.a. Houston’s Mr. Big. When he stepped down as president of the so-called world’s greatest company in 1996 to found a simple pipeline business with his friend William Morgan, only a few understood the colossus to come: a corporation now worth $110 billion, the biggest midstream company of its kind and the third-largest energy company in North America. What brilliance accounts for his success? Well, Kinder is frugal and disciplined, checking on money going out and money coming in—there are no corporate jets, no flashy offices, and he pays himself $1 a year in salary. With his wife, Nancy, he has become a major giver in Houston, focusing on parks, education, and quality of life. Kinder Foundation projects such as the downtown park Discovery Green and a Buffalo Bayou reclamation effort have both given the lie to the city’s reputation as a concrete wasteland. Kinder is now also the chair of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. 

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  • Canamjay

    of course, he pays himself 1$ per year.. he’s already stolen enough via Enron to maintain his lifestyle for life… he’s now in Canada pushing through the most unpopular pipe line idea in one of Canada’s most populated areas, right through a city park protected by law.. BUT apparently not from him.. and he never served a day in jail for the incredible abuses on the energy consuming public.. what a dirt-bag.

  • Canamjay

    And here we thought we had sovereignty.. our FED guv is not even hiring our own workers to do their dirty work… insult and injury in the same package..http://tinyurl.com/kb6d3a7