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Telling Fortunes

Nos. 40 and 41: Dan Wilks and Farris Wilks

Dan Wilks (57, Cisco): $1.5 billionFarris Wilks (61, Cisco): $1.5 billion

The Barnett and Eagle Ford shales may be known as oil and gas hot spots, but fracking has also brought some real money to Cisco, a heretofore anonymous dot between Fort Worth and Abilene. It was here, in 2002, that brothers Dan and Farris Wilks, the sons of a bricklayer, branched out from the family business to found Frac Tech, which designs, builds, and deploys the pumper rigs drillers use to blast open shale formations. After the shale gas industry took off, the brothers found themselves riding a wave that continued until 2011, when they sold their share of the company, by then the third-biggest fracking services outfit in the country, for $3.2 billion. They still make their home in Cisco, where they give of both their funds and time. For a new church community center, they didn’t just put up the money, they even did the masonry.


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  • Rasheed

    So sad to learn about these two. They make their fortune helping destroy the earth through fracking ostensibly because they believe god allows them to take control of the earth. Heed the words of Lao Tzu my friends that you can never control the world. But you can try by buying politicians to do your work for you. They preach brotherhood yet have 10 churches in a town with two stoplights. Real unified. They have high tech security and surveillance on their property I’m sure to welcome those that seek shelter. They were once men of drink and song as they state but now get to preach morality from their high chair to everyone else about how to live an acceptable life. Thank you Supreme Court for allowing a couple of Bible thumping extremists that represent 1% of people’s civil beliefs to control so much of our political landscape. Have fun flushing your money down the toilet supporting Ted Cruz and giving it away to CNN who constantly supports gay rights. Nice to pick and choose what you believe in, eh?