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The Ultimate Texas Gift Guide 2015

Gifts made in Texas by Texans for Texans.


Another year’s worth of Texas Monthly stories has inspired another roundup of the best items, objects, doodads, trinkets, and splurges to give to your favorite Texans, whether they were born here or just arrived last week. (You’ll find last year’s suggestions right here.) Ranging in price from $3.48 (for a shaker of our resident foodie’s favorite steak seasoning) to many multiples of that (for, say, an Airstream in which to roam around the state), most all of the gifts included in this list are made in Texas by Texans specifically for Texans, so you can do your do-gooding with a clear conscience. Happy giving, y’all.

  1. Gifts For Texans, By Texans
  2. Gifts For Texas Foodies
  3. Gifts For Texas Wanderers
  4. Gifts For Newly Minted Texans
  5. Gifts For Taco Lovers
  6. Gifts For Texas Drink Enthusiasts
  7. Sponsored: Ryan MichaelMen’s and Women’s luxury apparel with a relevant western twist.

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