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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Santa Fe Prep

No. 2 Find a Safe Place to Grow and Learn

Nurturing a child’s natural love of learning in a supportive and safe environment is the guiding principle of the Middle School at Prep.

Much like an extended family, our teachers and administrators work side by side with students, supporting their intellectual and emotional growth with a challenging and developmentally appropriate curriculum of interactive, exploratory, and value-based experiences that encourage self-expression and creative thinking. Active learning is apparent every day, in every area of middle school life.

“Fear.  Real and true education is about conquering fear:  the fear of making mistakes, the fear of failure, the fear of being not enough.  The best and greatest thing we do at Prep is make mistakes together.  Mistakes are what let you know that you are seeking new knowledge and growth instead of staying comfortable and safe in what you already know. Venturing out into the world of growth is scary, but we have found that the best way to take that leap is to do it with a friend.” Drew Nucci, Teacher

Student-centered, active inquiry characterizes our curriculum, which covers a breadth and depth of study across six academic departments, the arts, athletics and community service.  The required core subjects develop the disciplines and skills central to a well-rounded education.  Elective courses stimulate students to follow their passions. Students take charge of their own learning in discussion-based classrooms.  Small classes (average class size is thirteen) engender a mentorship approach to learning, and students learn to communicate confidently and comfortably with faculty.  Each department has designed its curriculum to engage, excite and educate.  Learn more at sfprep.org

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