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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Santa Fe Prep

No. 8 Learn From One Another

Over the last ten years, multiculturalism on our campus and other independent schools has become an all-important priority. 

As a result, students, faculty and staff groups form to generate support of their respective needs and increase awareness throughout campus. As advocates for a multicultural school community we take action to inspire discourse and serve as a voice for all individuals.  We endeavor to develop a deeper sense of community and cultivate the diverse aspects of Prep. Diversity at Prep means a commitment to reflect Santa Fe’s local, national, and international mix.  This pledge to reflect our community’s diversity enhances our academic quality and strengthens our mission as a college preparatory school.  At Prep, diversity includes people who possess exceptionally strong talents as well as consuming and passionate interests in a wide range of areas. Learn more at sfprep.org

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