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Your Serve

Jul 31, 1976 By Frank Bailey

Tipping is a game of give and take. If all goes well, both waiter and diner do a lot of both.

Shoot Yourself

Jul 31, 1976 By Donald Pierce, Jr

Your next home movies may not win any Academy Awards, but at least they don’t have to be rated ZZZZzzzz.

Let’s Make a Deal

Jul 31, 1976 By Stanley Brown

When Dad Joiner signed away all his oil leases to H.L. Hunt, all the cards weren’t on the table. Some were still underground.

Behind the Lines

Jul 31, 1976 By Patricia Sharpe

Some days it seems like the complaints about restaurant reviews will never stop: “My family and I drove all the way from * * * on the strength of your good ole Anonymous and, like him, we received no special services—all to the tune of $35.15 for four of us.