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July 31, 1976


Some recommendations on what to do, see, and buy this month.

The Stand Up Desk|
July 31, 1976

Roar of the Crowd

Bringing Them All Back HomeAs one with more than a casual interest in the refugee program in Southeast Texas,I read “The Newest Americans” by Gene Lyons [TM, June 1976] with a great deal of anticipation. Mr. Lyons seems to have a particular empathy with the Vietnamese

News & Politics|
July 31, 1976

Texas Monthly Reporter

PEOPLEThe red-hot rumor, blazing from mouth to mouth in Dallas recently, had longtime radio programming genius Gordon McLendon raising $2 million for a group of Dallas investors to buy WRR-AM, the city-owned, all-news station that’s up for sale. Not so, says son Bart McLendon, manager of McLendonowned KNUZ-FM in Dallas.

Food & Drink|
July 31, 1976

Behind the Lines

Some days it seems like the complaints about restaurant reviews will never stop: “My family and I drove all the way from * * * on the strength of your good ole Anonymous and, like him, we received no special services—all to the tune of $35.15 for four of us.

June 30, 1976

Yes Men

Sound mind, sound body is an old maxim but a new approach to cancer treatment.

June 30, 1976

Buffaloed Bill

Hollywood techniques may have worked for the Wild West shows, but we expected more from Robert Altman.

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