Chicken Ranch brother souvenirs, including 1992 calendars with photos of prostitutes in Old West costumes, available for $14.95 from CRI Marketing in Los Angeles.

UT Texas Longhorns cologne, based on Texas cedarwood oil, sold for $24 (1.7 ounces) by Texarome of Leakey.

Savings and loan scandal trading cards, featuring Neil Bush of Silverado Savings, Don Dixon of Vernon Savings, and Ed McBirney of Sunbelt Savings, as well as John Connally and Jim Wright, available from Eclipse Enterprises of Forestville, California, at $9.95 per set.

Desert Storm trading cards, including a picture of Saddam Hussein, offered as “a powerful tool to educate and inform people,” by Pro Set of Dallas, for 50 cents to $1 for pack of ten.

Saddam Hussein voodoo dolls, in military uniform and accompanied by three sharp pins, offered by Voodoo to You of Dallas for $10.

Saddam Hussein toilet paper, bearing a likeness of the Iraqi leader, from River Oaks Interests of Houston, for $5 a roll.

Jack Ruby’s gun, used to kill presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, made available at auction by Ruby’s brother, Earl, with bidding to start at $100,000.