On July 11, the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University hosted a TM Talks panel on using marijuana to help cope with PTSD as a follow-up to Texas Monthly writer William Martin’s June 2014 feature, “War Without End.” Martin was joined by Texas Monthly editor Brian Sweany, who moderated the discussion; Senator Joan Huffman, vice chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee; Neeraj Shah, a physician at Austin’s Seton Medical Center specializing in PTSD; and David Bass, a retired army major profiled in Martin’s story.

As states consider the realities of marijuana legalization and longstanding national drug policies are questioned, Martin’s feature, about Texas veterans who found effective treatment of their PTSD with the drug, served as a starting point for a dialogue that considered the possibilities of decriminalization, emerging medical research, and the myriad difficulties facing veterans upon their return to the civilian world.

Watch below: