This month’s H. Rap Brown “Power to the People” award is shared by the Fort Worth Junior Bar and the Council of Jewish Women for making it possible, through donations, for Tarrant County to have one of Attorney General John Hill’s regional consumer protection offices.

The funds will pay for office space at 201 East Belknap and a lawyer-staff member from the Tarrant County Legal Aid Foundation. The Junior Bar’s donation, some cynics say, was collected from the Bar’s annual bingo orgy.

The Foundation was born two years ago, midwifed by a $171,000 grant and, led by Executive Director Robert Byrd, has done a necessary and needed job of handling problems of the poor.

Fort Worth has no consumer, code so Jack Wilson, director of the new office, anticipates a busy year of investigating complaints and helping with consumer counseling.

On duty from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. every weekday will be four legal aid employees.