If you take your political cues from your favorite football stars, we may have the Senate candidate for you. Politico’s James Hohmann broke the news today that seven former Dallas Cowboys—including former quarterbacks Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach—threw their weight behind the Senate candidacy of former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert.

Also endorsing Leppert were linebackers Lee Roy Jordan and Bob Breuing, fullback Daryl Johnston, defensive lineman Chad Hennings, and safety Cliff Harris. “Between them, they have 15 Super Bowl rings and 28 Pro Bowls,” Hohmann wrote.

“Former Mayor Tom Leppert may well need a Hail Mary come the March 6 GOP primary … So, then, who better to lock up for an endorsement than Captain America himself?” Robert Wilonsky wrote of Staubach’s endorsement at Unfair Park. In a released statement, the legendary quarterback said, “I’ve known Tom for years and he is a man of tremendous faith, character, and principle. I am proudly supporting Tom for Senate because he has the vision, knowledge, and business experience to get our country back on track.” (This is not the Heisman winner’s first endorsement. At Texas on the Potomac, Alexandra Jaffe noted that Staubach, a staunch conservative, threw his support behind John McCain in 2008.) 

Aikman also lauded Leppert’s accomplishments: “As a businessman, Tom went the extra mile and made the hard calls in order to grow companies and create jobs. As mayor of Dallas, Tom helped turn around the city by making tough decisions that weren’t always popular. In the NFL we call that leadership, and it’s exactly what we need in Washington.” 

It’s just a good thing Leppert didn’t secure endorsements from members of the this year’s Cowboys team, as that wouldn’t bode well for his performance in the election’s fourth quarter.

Maybe Ted Cruz and frontrunner David Dewhurst can squabble over who gets the endorsement from the Texans.