David Dewhurst released his third television ad of his campaign for U.S. Senate last week. In the 31-second spot, Dewhurst invokes the legacy of his father (a World War II bomber pilot) and slams baby boomers for “spend[ing] us into bankruptcy.”

“To protect our children, we have to take our country back. I want to cut the federal budget—cut it to the bone. Balance the federal budget, like we do in Texas. Some people say it’ll take courage. I disagree. Courage is what my dad did. All we have to do is what’s right,” Dewhurst says, standing on the porch on a limestone house. 

Burnt Orange Report‘s Ben Sherman was unimpressed by the ad: “Lame. Lame. Lame. These cheeseball lines have an even more off-putting effect when delivered by the wax sculpture that calls itself David Dewhurst.”

The ad will run over ten or so days on Fox News in Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, according to the Dallas Morning News‘ Robert T. Garrett, who also notes that Dewhurst was born mere weeks before the Japanese surrender in 1945, which would put him right on the cusp of the boomer generation himself.

Dewhurst has ben conspicously absent from the campaign trail, declining to attend candidate forums and debates. He has committed to only one debate, to be held on April 6, according to CBS DFW’s Jack Fink. 

“Most analysts agree Dewhurst is playing it safe by not showing up at these forums.  He’s leading in the polls and has very high name recognition throughout the state,” Fink reported. “The prevailing view is that if the Lieutenant Governor attends all of the debates, he would put himself at risk for making a gaffe or mistake, face heavy criticism from his opponents, and legitimize his opponents.”

Watch Dewhurst’s ad, titled “Courage,” here: