Oliver North and H. Ross Perot
North said that Perot asked him to shield President Reagan from the Iran-contra scandal. Perot said he didn’t—and he had a tape recording to back himself up.

Jim Mattox and Clayton Williams
Mattox lost to Ann Richards in the Democratic primary. Williams lost to Ann Richards in the general election. So they decided to debate each other on radio.

Bill Moyers and Robert Strauss
Moyers: “If Strauss is the ultimate capitalist, then Bonnie and Clyde were the ultimate bankers.” Strauss: Moyers cloaks himself “in a mantle of superiority on all subjects.”

Lynn Wyatt and Robert Sakowitz
Lynn’s son Doug sued her brother, Robert, for squandering the family fortune. She testified for Doug, but Robert won the lawsuit.

John Doggett and Anita Hill
Hill told the Senate Judiciary Committee that she didn’t like what Clarence Thomas said to her. Doggett told the committee that he didn’t like what Anita Hill said to him.