While Rick Perry may be mired near the bottom of the polls, the Texas governor can take solace in the news he has been immortalized in plastic. Hero Builder, a Connecticut-based company that bills itself as the “last American toy company,” has created a Rick Perry action figure. (Tiny Ruger pistol and plastic dead coyote sold separately.)

“[Perry] really fit the bill, even though he’s kind of slipping in the polls and all that good stuff. He still makes a good action figure,” Emile Vicale, the owner of Hero Builders, told Texas Public Radio’s David Martin Davies. “He’s got a good physique. He looks heroic. He’s been in the military. He’s just. . . he’s an excellent action figure.” 

For $39.95 you can buy a “Regular Man Rick Perry,” dressed in jeans and (gasp!) sneakers instead of cowboy boots. But a mere $20 more will fetch you the “Executive Rick Perry,” clad in a black suit. For $10 more, you can snag a talking version of either doll featuring the sound bite of Perry’s infamous “oops” moment. As of Thursday, a “couple dozen” of the Perry dolls had been ordered, Vicale told CBS Dallas/Fort Worth radio.

Perry, the third 2012 GOP presidential hopeful created by the company, joins plastic versions of Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann. Frontrunner Mitt Romney’s chiseled jaw has yet to appear in doll form, but that action figure is in the works, Vicale said.