Of the 4,555,799 Texans who voted for Mitt Romney, more than a few are loudly (and sometimes creatively) expressing their displeasure with the reelection of Obama.

First Baptist Church of Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress had used his Sunday sermon prior to the election to warn his congregation that another Obama’s term would be a victory for the antichrist. “I want you to hear me tonight, I am not saying that President Obama is the Antichrist, I am not saying that at all,” Jeffress said. “One reason I know he’s not the antichrist is the antichrist is going to have much higher poll numbers when he comes, President Obama is not the antichrist. But what I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the antichrist.”

However in his November 11 sermon, which he said he wrote prior to November 6, Jeffress opined that “nothing of any eternal significance changed” with the election. “God’s sovereignty has not changed,” he said. “God is the one who planned the outcome of Tuesday’s election.”

Chairman of the Angelina County Republican Party, Robert Flournoy, on the other hand, thinks the country was headed toward the apocalypse. In a guest column about the election for the Lufkin Daily News, he wrote: 

Nov. 6, 2012, is a day that will go down in infamy. We have personally witnessed the demise of the greatest nation on earth. The script has been written. The curtain has been drawn for the third act of a play that was written by Karl Marx. … We should not be surprised at the way it ends up. Still, we are shocked at how surreal it is watching the cataclysmic transformation of a nation from capitalism to socialism and then to communism. That is the third act. The death knell has sounded. …

There is no longer a political strategy that can save us. There is only one way and we have rejected him. It is impossible to recover our self esteem or respect in the world on our own. … Hopefully it is not too late to humble ourselves before the mighty hand of God and turn from our wicked ways. History says that probably won’t happen. We know that it is said that all that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. And so it has. We have squandered our liberty by Christian pacifism. We have compromised until our conscience is so seared that the truth is no longer visible. Now our only hope is mercy. …

 Let’s take the Bible, the Constitution and our guns and stand on them ’til hell freezes over, if necessary. We are in good company, right is on our side and we are Texans.

Peter Morrison, treasurer of the Hardin County Republican Party, dispatched his own call to action through his newsletter. According to Salon‘s Jillian Rayfield, Morrison wrote:

We must contest every single inch of ground and delay the baby-murdering, tax-raising socialists at every opportunity. But in due time, the maggots will have eaten every morsel of flesh off of the rotting corpse of the Republic, and therein lies our opportunity.

Texas was once its own country, and many Texans already think in nationalist terms about their state. … We need to do everything possible to encourage a long-term shift in thinking on this issue. Why should Vermont and Texas live under the same government? Let each go her own way in peace, sign a free trade agreement among the states and we can avoid this gut-wrenching spectacle every four years.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram‘s Bud Kennedy tracked down Kent Batman, the chairman of the Hardin County Republican Party, to see if the organization supports secession: “Wow,” Batman replied, before sighing and adding “OK, well — I guess I need to start taking a look at his newsletters.”

That said, the call for secession, of course, has many backers: as of 2:30 p.m. Monday, more than 25,000 people had signed a petition at the White House website asking the Obama administration to “peacefully grant the State of Texas to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.” As the Texas Tribune‘s Aman Batheja noted, the White House issues an official response to all petitions that amass more than 25,000 signatures.

But the backlash is taking an even more grassroots tone in Lubbock, where one farmer named Sam Bates forewent pixels and ink in favor of some sort of sickle, hacking the words “Socialism. Don’t Cha Love It” into his field, KCBD reported. Bates, a former art teacher, pulled the same agricultural artistry back in 2009, spelling out, “Say No To Obama” in the weeds.

And, finally, another Lubbock man began flying his flag upside down after the reelection. “The property owner, who would not speak on camera, said he is not ashamed,” KCBD reported. “He says the only thing shameful is the direction America is going after President Obama’s win on Tuesday.”