“Come downtown Tuesday night and get the election returns from The Herald’s stereopticon. If you don’t care to come down, stay at home and telephone us. Call 2020 and ask us what you want to know and we will do our best to tell you. If it has happened, we will know it, for The Herald’s Associated Press leased wire will be working all night.

As fast as the operator takes bulletins from the wire, they will be flashed on the screen on the front of The Herald building. ¶ The stereopticon will begin operations about 5:30, or as early as it is dark enough to show the bulletins clearly. Pioneer plaza in front of The Herald office will be cleared by the police of automobiles, so the public can have room to stand and see the bulletins. If you are afraid of getting tired, bring a folding chair.” —El Paso Herald, November 6, 1916