What would the liberal blogs do without U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert to kick around?

As Salon‘s Alex Weitz-Sald reported, the Tyler Republican made his latest bid for Comedy Central fame by blasting United States Commerce Secretary John Bryson during an appearance on American Family Association Radio on Tuesday.

Bryson was in an unusual series of car accidents in California over the weekend that have been chalked up to a seizure. He has since taken a medical leave of absence from his cabinet position.

“These are not the kind of people that you want heading up the country. They’re not honorable, honest people,” Gohmert said, in what was apparently an initial reference to Attorney General Eric Holder and the “Fast and Furious” case (something Gohmert also discussed on Fox and Friends Tuesday).

“You’ve got Bryson out in California. It’s really unusual to have a seizure cause you to have one wreck, and then cause you to put your car in gear and keep going until you have another wreck. That kind of seizure is really unusual, you know?”

“That’s who’s in charge of keeping businesses going,” Gohmert continued. “A guy who crashes his car from car to car.”

As Weitz-Sald noted, the day before Gohmert’s radio appearance, the Twitter account for the Karl Rove-backed SuperPAC American Crossroads accused Bryson of being drunk. That tweet was deleted a few hours later, with a subsequent apology.

In Gohmert’s defense, Bryson could still face felony hit-and-run charges. According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, he passed a breathalyzer test at the scene on Saturday, but local police are awaiting the results of a toxicology report.